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Die Deutsche Black Parade Seite

Deutschland besitzt jetzt auch eine offizielle Black Parade Seite.

Also macht einmal 'klick', schaut's euch an und erzählt's weiter!

10.10.06 19:15


So i just found out about this band...and i really like them!! that i just found out about them all i can teel you is this:

Cartel are:
Will Pugh - Pipes
Nic Hudson - Guitar
Kevin Sanders - Drums
Ryan Roberts - Bass
Joseph Pepper - Guitar

And they are from Atlanta, GA.

So go and listen to them:
My Space
22.4.06 12:59

My Chemical Romance

This week's band is my favorite band: My Chemical Romance

These 5 guys come from New Jersey (except for their drummer Bob, he's from Chigaco, Illinois) and they describe their music as "violent pop".

MCR are:
Gerard Way (voc.)
Mikey Way (bass)
Ray Toro (guit.)
Frank Iero (guit.)
Bob Bryar (drums)

They've got 2 records so far, the first: "I brought you my bullets you brought me your love" which was released in 2002 on Eyeball Records and their present record "Three Cheers for sweet revenge" which came out 2004 on Reprsie Records.

This year their first 2DVD + CD set "Life on the murder Scene" came out where you can find backstage footage (2 hours) and lots of making of's and live performances.

MCR @ MySpace
MCR @ Purevolume
12.4.06 10:55

Welcome everyone!

I decided to make this page cause i wanted to support and introduce some bands to you....
every week there'll be another band here.

This week, so the first band, is Taking Back Sunday.
They come from Long Island/New York and were formed in 1999.

TBS are:
Adam Lazzara (vocals)
Fred Mascherino (guitar, vocals)
Eddie Reyes (guitar)
Mark OConnell (drum)
Matt Rubano (bass)

Listen to TBS @

Here you can watch the new TBS video for "MakeDamnSure" out of their new album Louder Now:

7.4.06 22:23

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